Developing the Young Workforce North Highland

Developing the Young Workforce North Highland

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Pupils & Students

Some young people know exactly what career or education route they wish to pursue but for many, this can be a very difficult decision.  DYW initiative offers advice and assistance to anyone in education under the age of 24.  We can help you:-

Work experience

Work experience provides you with an insight into the world of work.  We have worked in conjunction with Highland Council to ensure relevant and inspiring work experience placements are available to all young people in education from S4 upwards. You can apply for work experience placements through the Hi-Hope website.

click here to view a short video – How to apply for a Work Experience Placement

Career Options

We can help you identify suitable career options including where there may be skills shortages in industry.

Things to consider:-

         Foundation Apprenticeship

Modern Apprenticeship

Graduate Apprenticeship

Useful Websites